Introduction to JNP

Find out how Justice Not Politics got it's start.

Justice Not Politics is the voice for fair courts in Iowa. Iowans have a long and proud tradition of fair and impartial courts that deliver justice equally to all. Join Justice Not Politics today and together we will protect Iowa’s courts.

Thank you for retaining Iowa Judges and Justices

Thank you for retaining Iowa Judges and Justices

Thank you to everyone who voted and all supporters of fair courts in Iowa

Justice Not Politics recognizes and thanks supporters who are helping us protect and defend Iowa Justices and judges who stand for retention in 2016.

The retention of Justices Appel, Cady & Hecht, and all judges on the ballot this year, represent a huge victory for keeping politics out of our courts.

Know Your Courts

Know Your Courts

Do you know the role of the court systems in Iowa?

Iowa’s merit selection and retention process keeps politics and campaign money out of our courts, safeguarding its fairness and impartiality. Learn how this system and the history of Iowa’s court system help to keep money out!

About our Coalition

About our Coalition

Iowa's judicial system is one of the finest in the country.

To keep it that way, Iowans from all political spectrums should resist efforts by out-of-state extremist groups who are funding efforts to politicize our courts. If politics and campaign money are allowed into the courts, justice will be for sale. Groups from across the state are working together to counter the effort of extremists from hijacking Iowa’s courts. Justice Not Politics is a broad based, nonpartisan coalition of organizations and Iowans across the political spectrum —- progressive to conservative; Republicans, Independents and Democrats —- all who are committed to protecting Iowa’s courts and our system of merit selection and retention.

Do The Job

Justice Not Politics calls on Senator Grassley to hold hearings on a new Supreme Court Justice

“Iowan’s overwhelmingly support moving forward, following the Constitution, and holding hearings on a new Supreme Court Justice without delay. Iowans are asking Senator Grassley to respect and lead that process as chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee.”

– Joy Corning (former Iowa Lt. Governor, Republican) and Sally Pederson (former Iowa Lt. Governor, Democrat), Justice Not Politics co-chairs.

Call Senator Chuck Grassley at (515) 288-1145. Urge him to hold hearings on a new Supreme Court Justice.


Grassley’s excuses are purely political

Iowans are known for being hard workers, and we appreciate that quality in our elected officials. We wake up every day, ready to do our part, and get the job done. We are also politically astute, understand the U.S. Constitution, and know when an elected official is more eager to find excuses than create solutions. Unfortunately, Sen. Chuck Grassley is refusing to do his job as described in Article 2 of the Constitution, giving “advice and consent” on the president’s upcoming nomination to the Supreme Court.