Be Informed! Voting in Iowa’s Judicial Retention Election

Iowans have the final say over whether a judge or justice has demonstrated the merit, experience, and qualifications to remain on the bench.

Click the resources below to find information about Iowa’s Supreme Court justices and lower court judges before you complete your ballot.

Iowa Supreme Court Justices

Iowa Court of Appeals and District Court Judges

You will find biographical information and background experience on each judge that appears on the ballot in Iowa, including detailed ratings from attorneys who have appeared before each judge. The information was compiled by the Iowa State Bar Association. It includes helpful information about how judges are selected in Iowa and what makes a good judge.

Iowa’s judicial system provides for the selection of judges based on merit, experience, and qualifications. A nonpartisan and gender-balanced judicial nominating commission reviews applications, interviews candidates, and selects nominees for the Governor to consider before making the final appointment. Iowa voters always have the final say with any judge appointed by the Governor through judicial retention elections.