Justice Not Politics is a broad based coalition of organizations and individuals committed to protecting Iowa’s courts and our system of merit selection and retention. We represent tens of thousands of Iowans across the political spectrum who believe our courts should be free from political and financial influence.

Will you sign the Justice, Not Politics Statement of Support and help us to protect Iowa’s Court?

Statement of Support
Iowa’s judicial system is one of the finest in the country.

Iowa’s merit selection and retention process keeps politics and campaign money out of our courts, safeguarding its fairness and impartiality. To keep it that way, Iowas should resist efforts by special interests to politicize our courts. If politics and campaign money are allowed into the courts, justice will be for sale.

Iowa courts have a long history of protecting average citizens, and the retention of Iowa judges should be based on their ability to uphold the law fairly and consistently – not the outcome of a single decision.

For these reasons, we hereby support protecting Iowa’s strong judicial system so all people and entities have equal access to justice.

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