Protecting the Cornerstone of Justice – Judicial Independence

May 11, 2021 Our ongoing series “Justice at Stake” started with a playbill of sorts to help you discern the intentions of those on either side of a national struggle for what the Framers of the Constitution considered central to our democracy – a fair and impartial court. First on the stage are those we […]

Unpretentious Minnesota courtroom is a powerful reminder of why fair courts matter

April 21, 2021 Yesterday, former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted on all counts in the murder of George Floyd. The convictions are neither the beginning or the end of a long story of racial struggle in the United States. Amid the deluge of news coverage, commentary, and public discussion of this trial, it’s […]

Why Should YOU Care About Pay Raises for Iowa Judges?

April 11, 2021 We’ll answer that question with another question: Wouldn’t you want to know that the Iowa judge you might stand before someday is the best our legal community has to offer? Let’s say your business is on the line in a contract dispute, for example. Or your financial security depends on the fair […]

Iowa Courts Reopen with “Serving Safely” Public Service Message for Citizen Jurors

February 22, 2021 Iowa courts are reassuring potential jurors that safety measures are in place for resumption of trials. Additional $9 million requested to help clear case backlog. “Even in a global pandemic, the wheels of justice cannot stop turning.” With that sentiment, former KCCI-TV anchor Kevin Cooney urges Iowans to answer the call if […]

Go Ahead, Be Proud of Your Iowa Courts!

December 15, 2020 Historic Rulings Led the Nation against Slavery, Segregation, and Discrimination We have a lot to brag about here in the Hawkeye state. Iowa is an agricultural powerhouse, home to several prestigious universities and Fortune 500 corporations, birthplace for many famous Americans, AND the only state in the union with navigable rivers defining […]