The Ballots Are Coming! Do You Know Your Judges?

October 5, 2020

Dear Iowa Voters:

Iowans have a national reputation for taking their civic responsibilities very seriously, especially when it comes time to vote. Participation in all manner of voting is a tradition here with voters learning as much as possible about the issues and the candidates before going to the polls – or especially this year – mailing in their ballots. Thus, we are confident Iowans will be well prepared again this year as early voting officially begins today and hundreds of thousands of general election ballots arrive in mailboxes across this great state.

Our call to action then is a simple one: Know your judges, too!

In addition to doing your civic homework on candidates for state and federal office, take a few minutes to learn more about the judges that will typically appear on the back of your ballot in local and statewide retention elections. Voters will weigh in on judges now seated on Iowa’s Supreme Court, Court of Appeals, and district courts.

To help you get up to speed quickly, Justice Not Politics has a resource page with links to biographical information and background experience on every judge standing for retention this year. Compiled by the Iowa State Bar Association, this guide also includes ratings by lawyers who have had regular contact with those judges in the courtroom.

In an election year unlike any in modern times, 2020 will surely break all records for voter turnout, especially voting by mail. We expect the same record participation in our retention elections, which are at the heart of Iowa’s vaunted system of selecting justices based on merit, experience, and qualifications. Knowing more about the judges we are voting on is also part of our civic duty and will only strengthen our commitment to fair courts in Iowa.

The Justice Not Politics Team