Iowa Courts Avoid “Horror Stories” Seen In D.C. and Other States… So Far!

October 13, 2020 As the U.S. Senate wades into another politically motivated showdown over judicial selection and partisan judicial elections heat up in multiple nearby states, Iowans have even more cause to reflect on how well our state court functions in comparison. But first… Let’s take a walk down Iowa Courts “Memory Lane.” Back in […]

The Ballots Are Coming! Do You Know Your Judges?

October 5, 2020 Dear Iowa Voters: Iowans have a national reputation for taking their civic responsibilities very seriously, especially when it comes time to vote. Participation in all manner of voting is a tradition here with voters learning as much as possible about the issues and the candidates before going to the polls – or […]

“Born under a bright star,” Ginsburg Shows Why Fair Courts Matter

To borrow part of an old saying, Ruth Bader Ginsburg turned lemons into a legacy that, over more than 50 years as a lawyer and jurist, changed the way the world is now for all Americans, particularly women. One of only nine women in her Harvard Law School class of 500, she was told by […]