Justice Not Politics Responds to Family Leader’s Call for Judge’s Ouster

Des Moines, Iowa — Justice Not Politics issued a response today to the Family Leader’s call for the ouster of Polk County District Judge Karen Romano. Sally Pederson and Joy Corning issued the following statements:
Sally Pederson, former Lieutenant Governor and Honorary Co-Chair of Justice Not Politics:

“Iowans spoke in 2012 with the retention of Justice Wiggins, and their message was clear: we are tired of extremists playing politics with the courts. Our judiciary must remain free from the influence of politics and financial contributions. The true lesson is that judges should be able to make their rulings based on the law, without worrying about the next election.”

Joy Corning, former Lieutenant Governor and Honorary Co-Chair of Justice Not Politics:

“It is appalling that the Family Leader would threaten to mount a campaign against the retention of Judge Romano.  Perhaps they have forgotten the 2012 election when the people of Iowa voted to retain the Justices and Judges up for retention.  Iowa is noted for it’s fair selection and retention process.  We need to keep politics and religion out of our judicial process.  The information often propagated  by the Family Leader is often misleading and untrue.”

Justice Not Politics is a nonpartisan coalition of organizations and Iowans across the political spectrum, all who are committed to protecting Iowa’s courts and our system of merit selection and retention. JNP works through the power of a coalition, effectively demonstrating the importance of impartial courts in all areas of life and the broad support of Iowans in protecting our judicial system. For more information, visit justicenotpolitics.org.
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